Kariobangi Sharks (A) July 7th

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Contacting Pete re: Match Tickets 2018/19

99.9% of match ticket applications now come in by e-mail – peter@leachweb.co.uk – which actually makes applications easier to keep track of and is my preferred method.
The ESCLA phone line has been discontinued but members may call me on  my regular phone – members will find the number on their membership cards – given there are now so few phone calls, calls are no longer restricted to set times  – members wishing to phone may do so at ANY time ( the first comedian who tries me at 3 in the morning will be liquidated).

Eric Moonman


The Committee is pleased to announce that Rob Madigan has joined the Committee as Social Secretary. Rob is the Manager of the Horseshoe Pub in Clerkenwell – 24 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AG and is keen for the pub to be the social centre for ESCLA events. The pub shows live TV games and is open Monday to Friday and most Saturdays, especially if Everton are on, including this Saturday for the Chelsea game, so pop along and introduce yourself. The pub is not open on Sundays. Rob will be e-mailing members in the next few weeks to fully introduce himself.

Goodison Park 1922

Goodison 1922 – Notice the old Gwladys St terrace with houses at the back and also the old Bullens Rd stand. (Thankyou Jim Gore for the photo).

Goodison Park 1938

Long time ESCLA member Jim Gore sent me a link to some great aerial views of Goodison taken in 1938, I was going to post them here but I’m not sure about copyright issues (English Heritage/Liverpool Echo) so instead here is the link to where you can view them – http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/nostalgia/walton-above-amazing-pictures-1920s-7682585


The policy Everton introduced for allocating match tickets last season continues for season 2015/16. Everton no longer keep back an allocation for Supporters Clubs. Match tickets will only be provided to Supporters Clubs for those of their members who hold a Season Ticket. Tickets may go on General Sale if Season Ticket Holders do not take up all of Everton’s allocation for any particular match. Therefore ESCLA no longer have a “ticket policy” but take each game as it comes.
The reason Everton have done this is because season ticket holders are now some 30,000 in number, previous to last season, season season ticket holders could not get tickets for some away matches whilst Supporters Club’s received an allocation, that caused complaints from season ticket holders which Everton believe they have now addressed.


Hi, I’m an Evertonian living in London. Work commitments make it difficult to travel to most games, but I was wondering if there is a pub in London that shows the Everton games which aren’t on Sky, that you could recommend? Cheers, Neal

Bruges – Pre-Season 1982

Pete Leach, ?, Peter Dale, Tony Appleby, John Collings.

Blue Streak Travel

Remember  British Rails’ “Blue Streak Travel”  Football Specials ? This one at Lime Street before departure to Norwich c.1975