ESCLA Social Secs’ Update Nov/Dec.

Rob sent this through to me last week – sorry Rob for the small delay in publishing it, been busy.

Hi all,
Hope you are all looking forward to Christmas.
We didn’t quite get much feedback about the Ronnie Goodlass book signing, but I’m hoping to meet up with him this weekend at the match for a chat.
Maybe we can coax him to the Horseshoe along with another blue Mark Higgins who has some wonderful stories about life on the verge of greatness of the Kendall era.
Anyway that’s for next year.

So this week sees us play the 1st game at Goodison for a while against Cardiff City. A match we all expect to win of course, but counting eggs into the basket is never wise.

We have been asked to meet with the Irish Supporters group Goodison Blues Ireland which like ourselves, are affiliated to Everton Football Club.
They have requested our presence at the Elm pub on Westminster Road (L4 4LZ)_ where we will have a formal swapping of the scarves., We at ESCLA have had an official scarf made which will make its way to the Mercantile in Dublin after the match. Anyone who wishes to join us please do so as it would be wonderful for our two supporters clubs to meet up and create some lasting ties. I am hoping to make it over to Dublin to experience the atmosphere next time they have an exBlue over there, gutted to have missed Kevin Sheedy recently, but he is another Legend on my list of exToffees to bring to London.

If any of you want to meetUp please keep an eye on twitter @escla1975 where I will be giving updates all day. Not to mention that the following day is the Mini-Derby, Everton at home against Liverpool (U23) Im not sure of the venue yet, but if anyone is staying over this weekend, lets meet Up and watch the match FREE for season ticket holders.

So the next big one is the Anfield Derby, best of luck to all those lucky supporters that are lucky enough to have gotten tickets. For those stuck in London and wanting to watch the match in a Blue only environment, then the Horseshoe in Clerkenwell will be the only pub in London with this privilege, Fanscapes will once again be supplying some bottles of Blue Bitter, Royal Blue Mersey and Holy Trinity for us to sell. Theo Walcott has signed a shirt for us to raffle off with ALL proceeds to go to the wonderful EitC  charity, so if you can make it along , please do as it should be a good day to spend alongside fellow blues.

The supporters team Everton Fan Football Club (EFFC) won at the weekend. A wonderful 2-1 away win against Bristol City. We had quite a few fans turn up which was great; we are always on the lookout for more squad players and maybe a sponsor if anyone out there wants to help us out with pitch fees, league fees etc.get in touch.

The Everton Darts team season has started, although we haven’t actually played yet. We are still awaiting Burnley to confirm a date for us to play our preliminary cup match. If you want to come along and play/support/socialise on dart match nights please let me know and I will let you know when and where we are playing, I must say it’s always a lot of fun.
For more info on the Fans League, you can keep up with fixtures and the table;;; for the Football team on

Or the darts team on

Well that’s all for me for the moment, I hope to see a few of you this weekend, or again at the pub ..Its a good time to be an Evertonian.

Best wishes


Seamus Coleman Q & A

Hi , it’s Barry the newsletter editor.

The first of the four newsletters I plan for this season is at the printers. Darren Griffiths who edits the Everton programme has agreed to put questions on our behalf to a first team player and these will be answered in the next edition of the newsletter. So please send me questions you have for SEAMUS COLEMAN at the email my address (detailed in the newsletter) and I will forward them to Darren. COYB Barry

Contacting Pete re: Match Tickets 2018/19

99.9% of match ticket applications now come in by e-mail – – which actually makes applications easier to keep track of and is my preferred method.
The ESCLA phone line has been discontinued but members may call me on  my regular phone – members will find the number on their membership cards – given there are now so few phone calls, calls are no longer restricted to set times  – members wishing to phone may do so at ANY time ( the first comedian who tries me at 3 in the morning will be liquidated).

Premier League Match Tickets at Goodison 2018/19

For your consideration – we are not pushing EFC membership schemes !

Basically every Premier League game at Goodison this season will be sold out. Season Ticket sales already account for a situation in which there are very limited tickets available. Everton’s membership scheme offers first refusal on match tickets – and it is extremely unlikely match tickets will make it to general sale to non-members of the scheme.

ESCLA Football Club Progress

24th June
A message from Rob
Thank you to everyone that turned up at the 1st ever Everton football fans in London Football Team meeting last night.
We will now be taking some training sessions to get know each other and hopefully find out if we can indeed get the required 18-20 players committed to play in the APFSCIL Football League this season.
I understand it is holiday season, but with just over 5 weeks till the league starts, we do need to get in some training and sort out positions etc.
It was especially nice to meet up with Andrei Kanchelskis Jr last night who had many stories about his dad, It will be a pleasure having Andrei in the team and believe me, he is his own man,.
Training will be at the OLD FOOTBALL PITCHES at HYDE PARK with a strict 8pm start.We have just one hour so please turn up on time.
We will be meeting at The Tattersalls Tavern, a Greene King boozer from 7pm: (1 Knightsbridge Green, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7QA) and then we can walk over the road together after a little chat and a beer.
Please bring proper attire, no Metal Studs please…We will also meet up here the following 2 Wednesday’s at the same time.
I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Everton Membership Package Deal

EFC have sent us the info shown here –  EFC offer supporters clubs the option of taking a group package or allowing their members to apply individually – ESCLA have decided on the individual option as we don’t have anyone able to take on administration of the scheme, but more importantly, some key elements of membership are only available to individual applicants (such as live match streaming and match crediting)  as you will see if you read the blurb.

Website Updates On Twitter

  In future when I  post an announcement  here on the website – match ticket application, travel and news of events – I will  alert members on Twitter.   To receive Twitter alerts just  go to the Tweets section below.

You can keep up to date with ESCLA on Twitter  @ESCLAnews  (for official ESCLA stuff)  and  @ESCLA1976   and on   Facebook ESCLA LONDON ( supporters of ESCLA but are independent).