News From Rob – Happy 45th Birthday to ESCLA

Happy New Year, and Happy 45th Birthday to ESCLA.

Jan 25th 1975 , I was about 7 and living in Liverpool.
But a few clever trevor’s put their heads together on the jaunt to Plymouth and came up with the idea of having their own supporters club.
ESCLA was founded very soon after and the rest is, well history really.
I dont know how many of you are still members since them dark days of the 70s, I myself 1st joined in the early 90s.
One of our founder members Mick Upfield recently had a write up in the Black Watch Fanzine. Here is the link to Micks story about our birth.
Graham Stuart on hearing it was our birthday on the 25th left us a nice message, here it is,
Whilst talking about ESCLA and our formation on the way to Plymouth, the Everton Fan Football team played Plymouth fans in the APFSCIL Fan Football league this weekend, we managed to win 4-0 and go top of the league for a couple of hours.
Brighton fans beat Rangers 7-5 to go back to the top, but we do still have a game in hand.
So in other news, The new Everton film Howards Way is to be shown at a cinema in Piccadilly on Feb 26th. We have a limited number of tickets to this wonderful film. Our new President for ex-players Mr. Sharp will be in attendance along with one or two other special guests.
This is an exclusive Everton in London event and tickets will be scarce, The cinema seats 68, as soon as I can I will give you all more information.
The producers of the film are looking for sponsors to help with costs, anyone out there that wants to help out with sponsorship please get back to me on EFCSOCIAL@OUTLOOK.COM so I can put you and the team together.
There will be quite a few goodies for the sponsors including a couple of tickets for the Derby.
And finally,
The Everton London Business Network Group is taking shape.
Our next MeetUp will take place at the Horseshoe in Clerkenwell on Feb 19th at 7pm.
Diageo have promised to organize a special Gin tasting for us which Im sure will be amazing.
To join the group please again contact me on EFCSOCIAL@OUTLOOK.COM or direct to the group via