Message From Rob.

Hi All,
It’s been a while huh?
I feel like we have all been daydreaming for the last 18 months or so. Thoughts are with those who we have lost during these particularly hard times.
Hopefully, things will start to normalize as best as they can these next few months.
Our AGM was unfortunately cancelled, of course, this was expected by us all. We do as a committee talk regularly and decisions do have to be made involving finance and admin.
We will be extending membership for those who were members last season to this season, 2021-22, free of charge. Barry will be continue producing his wonderful newsletters and if you do have any stories or anecdotes to share with him for the newsletter I am sure he would welcome that kind of thing, as will we all.
The new season is upon us, please let Rafa not give the red side of the City anything else for them to laugh at us for. It’s never been easy being an Everton fan, has it?
It was a major shock when we lost Carlo to Madrid, I honestly thought he was settled and wanted to stay with us for a while. What a horrible thing for him to do without any warning. Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say. Is Rafa the right man for us?, personally I don’t think he is the right move, but let’s all hope I am wrong.
The Fans football team is always on the lookout for players, coaches, admin, helpers, sponsors, students, anything really. If anyone wants to get involved, please get back to me .The season was difficult last season, the Fan team finished mid-table and pretty much struggled to get a full complement of players out the majority of the time.
The darts team may not recover from the Covid problems, to be honest. The league is in turmoil, I’m not really certain if it will get back to how it was.More news as it comes, but I am not very confident about that.
I am hoping to try and get our annual picture on the pitch sorted. It’s usually from November to January. We all get together and have our photo snapped pitchside.
Please send me a message if you wish to be included so I can arrange when and if it will happen this season.
I have left London, I and Lesley have decided it was time to get out of the smoke after almost 30 years.
We have now headed for the coast.We actually crossed the Solent, and are now the proud owners of The Star Coffee & Ale House in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.
We have been here since late March.The venue is wonderful and we really hope to have a great go at it.

The Everton Supporters South Coast Association (ESSCA) will be my nearest supporters club.I have asked ESCLA if I can stay on as Social Sec here, and they have accepted, but of course, if somebody more local wanted to stand, I would have no objections.
I have an ESSCA meet-up at my new pub on Sept.11th from around 2 pm.A chance to meet some South Coast Everton fans along with a few ESCLA members who I am close to who will also be there, everyone is welcome, so if you fancy a jolly on the Island please let me know.
The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell may well still look after us blues in London, I will let you know all about that.
Meanwhile, Rob Fisher who has been managing the very successful Fitzrovia Belle on Tot Court Road these last couple of years is very much THE Everton pub at the moment.
Not only is it a hub for Toffees watching football, but the Fans Football team also meet up there very often and Rob works very closely with the lads who run the very popular “A View From The Bullens” podcast
Also, the Everton Business Networking Group has also been using Fitzrovia for meeting up and socializing.If you are in business and want to get involved in Networking with fellow blues, please get in touch.
Please get back to me with anything you feel I should know or could be doing.
Once again, I wish you all well and hope things finally start to have an upward turn.
Best wishes to you all.
Rob Social Sec

2020/21 – That’s That !

So that was season 2021/21 and we hope to never see the like again in our lifetimes.

We hope all our members have made it through the pandemic without loss of family members or friends, but to any that have lost someone we extend condolences.

ESCLA like the rest of the country more or less hibernated but well done to Barry on getting out some newsletters. We hope that 2021/22 will see the return of some social functions, the football team etc.

We look forward to next season, full grounds hopefully, and the odd ESCLA social.

Wishing you all a good summer – Pete for the Committee.

Renewals For Current 2020/21 Members

Current members will have their membership extended to the end of Season 2021/22.

No membership subs will be due from current members in recognition of the lack of ESCLA events and activities during lockdown.

We will not be issuing a 2021/22 membership card so please hang on to your 2020/21 card.

ESCLA News Update From Rob.

Hi all.

I hope we are all well during these dark days. Its a very strange time for us all and know one really knows what the future holds.
I myself have been quite ill, lost some weight and been through a tough times.
Thanks that Im through the worst and now fighting fit.
I expect we all have stories like that? friends family? I send my love and best wishes to you all, dark days indeed.
So, the Howards Way filming was a huge success. Graeme Sharp was wonderful and stayed right to the end chatting and getting in 100s of pictures.
Rob Sloman the producer/director of this fantastic film also stayed quite late. He had a lot of input from the film from ESCLA members he mentioned. If you made it to the filming, I hope you enjoyed your time.
Big thank you to Rob Fisher who hosted us all in his new pub the Fitzrovia Belle in Tot Ct Road.A fantastic after drink party which I don’t remember leaving.
Also our friend Michael Cullen made it to the filming and had a few lovely words to say.
Speedo Mick as he is better known spoke about his huge 1000M walk which raised over half a million pounds for charity.This was an amazing achievement considering he started in darkest coldest Scotland in December. He must have a million stories of his jaunt, and I cant wait to read them when he starts his book. I say when, I don’t know if any publishers have thought about approaching him about writing one, but for the last 5 yrs that I have known Michael, everytime we speak I think I want to read all about this journey you have had.
He has been in some really bad moments in his life, yet turned it all around to be this enigma of a man that feels no cold, and has a heart bigger than Merseyside.
Anyway more on Mick as the year goes on. I have a feeling he will be winning some awards this year, and hopefully ESCLA and other official supporters clubs around the country will look giving Michael his very own special supporters club membership.
if you want to watch the Howards Way film. You can pick it up on Amazon as a download. I think you can also get the DVD on there.
Please make sure you drop a nice message once you buy/rent it . The more stars the film gets, the more it stays near the top of the charts.
So, the Football Supporters Darts League And Football Supporters Football Leagues have been cancelled for the 2019/20 season.
Everton 2nd in the Football Supporters League just behind Brighton,  and top of the Football Supporters Darts league Division 2.
A decent cup run looked on the cards after beating last years dart winners Sunderland quite comfortably earlier in the season. Man Utd were to be our next darts cup match, but this will not now happen.
We cannot carry on with much more serious issues of health and jobs getting in the way of our social times. But the Football Supporters team are particularly upset as they were riding high in the league and cup. In the bigger scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.
The football league is 40 yrs old in a few weeks, I was hoping to set up some kind of event with ex-players and an FA guest(Im also league chairman) but sadly this will not happen till sometime later this year now. More news as I get it.
Back to the Premier league.
Of Course Liverpool winning the league was but a formality, it won’t happen now I feel. I’m not really bothered anymore, people are dying and the country is in a state,
I do feel sorry in a small way, but in another way I just don’t care.
Everton have a great new manager, we are all excited for the new season, the only way is Everton, or TOWIE as some say.
The season will be over very soon, I can’t see why the FA has not already finished it. Next years European places will be a sticking point, too many questions not enough answers. I feel for the small clubs back home, Accy Stanley, Runcorn, Prescott, CoLFC and more. Can they survive? I hope the bigger clubs give them some friendlies to try and keep them clubs afloat.
Well that’s all from me really, I just wanted to drop a line and say hi to you all and ESCLA are thinking of you.
We have twitter a account which Peter looks after, and new news will be on the website as it happens.
This years AGM may well be carried over, the committee will be looking at that as and when we can.
Please be safe.
Best wishes
Social Sec.
ESCLA official twitter account
Robs Twitter account