Tribute at Goodison on Saturday.

Sad news from Norway that another well known past ESCLA member, Siggy Oie, died February 9th.

Siggy travelled with ESCLA in the 1980’s and 1990’s and was still getting to Goodison regularly with the Norwegian Everton Supporters Club right up to the pandemic. He was a well known sports journalist in Norway and great ambassador of the Everton cause. On behalf of ESCLA I would like to send deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife Marianne and the family for their sad loss.

Ann, John Collings, Siggy, Pete Leach c.1986
I think this was probably at the Midland Hotel, Liverpool c.1980

Contacting Pete re: Match Tickets 2022/23

99.9% of match ticket applications now come in by e-mail – – which actually makes applications easier to keep track of and is my preferred method.
The ESCLA phone line has been discontinued but members may call me on  my regular phone – members will find the number on their membership cards – given there are now so few phone calls, calls are no longer restricted to set times  – members wishing to phone may do so at ANY time ( the first comedian who tries me at 3 in the morning will be liquidated).

Paddy McGrath

Sad news reaches us that one of our original ESCLA members, Paddy McGrath has died.
Paddy had many friends in the Everton community nationwide but ESCLA’s regular travellers from the 1970’s and 80’s will have many fond and interesting memories of him. On behalf of ESCLA I would like to send deepest sympathy and condolences to Paddy’s family for their sad loss.

Nick Brennan has sent me a couple of links Paddy’s friends will like to visit –

ESCLA Subscriptions 2022/23 – £10 Single, £15 Family.

In recognition of the lack of ESCLA events and activities during lockdown members from season 2020/21 had their subscriptions for 2021/22 re-newed free of charge.

During 2021/22 ESCLA has been in a state of hibernation due to issues entirely related to the previous two years of Covid restrictions, we did however manage to remain open for the sourcing of match tickets though of course those were still in short supply. The relocation of our Social Sec, Rob Madigan, to the Isle of Wight has been a major blow, he intended to try and continue in his post from there but has found it untenable and resigned at the end of the season. His departure leaves a big hole for any idea we had of resuming social events during 2022/23 and so the forthcoming season is going to be one of transition out of hibernation.

The Committee has decided therefore to reduce our current three tiered membership subscription levels to two – Single Member at £20 per season and Family Membership at £30 per season. HOWEVER as we have had no major expenses to pay out for this last season except the newletter ( we have not had to pay for the AGM for example), we will for season 2022/23 only, reduce fees by 50%, Single Member for 2022/23 is £10, Family Membership £15. Fees will revert to £20 and £30 for 2023/24.

Website Updates On Twitter

  In future when I  post an announcement  here on the website – match ticket application news etc, I will  alert members on Twitter.   To receive Twitter alerts just  go to the Tweets section below.

You can keep up to date with ESCLA on Twitter  @ESCLAnews .