Robs’ Christmas Message

Hi all,

On behalf of all the team at ESCLA, I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

It’s been a very difficult year for us all with Covid 19. Our health, our loved ones, our friends, our social life and our football have all been dramatically disrupted these last 10 months.

There seems to be no let up with the twists and turns of Govt decisions, add that to the carpets being pulled from beneath us on a near daily basis, and I give you 2020.

Our wishes go out to anyone suffering during these dark times; I hope things will start to turn early in the new year for the better for us all.

Nobody can make head or tail of this. 12months ago, we were all pretty excited for the New Year, we had just had big Dunc throwing ball boys about in a crazy passionate few weeks after the sacking of Marco Silva.

Then in came Carlo to our shock, and he started to change things quite quickly. 12 months on and we are in 4th place at Christmas after a blistering fast paced opening 7 games in which we managed to beat everyone we came up against in all competitions.

We may have stumbled at times, but once the squad is assembled, I can only see great things from our manager Carlos.

Last night’s league cup hic cup against Man Utd was hard to watch. A very poor injury hit pedestrian Everton side, worn out after 3 huge scalps in the last three games against Leicester, Arsenal and Chelsea were easily beaten by a fast strong Utd side.

There was another new injury to the first 11 with Richarlison involved in a collision that seemed extremely dangerous. He must have been offside though because no action was taken by the ref, in fact the commentators didn’t go on about it for 6 or 8 weeks either, so it must have been a good and safe challenge.

The fans that have been allowed at Goodison have really impressed me. The noise and 90 minute singing and chanting has been marvelous. I’m extremely jealous not to be there myself, if you did manage to get a ticket, and you were part of the Goodison Roar, well done pat yourself on the back.

I really hope thing can change around in the new year, I hope we can get to meet up like we used to, and that we can have a few explayers down here in London to keep us all keen. Only time will tell.

I would like to thank Rob Fisher, manager of the Fitzrovia Belle who has stepped up to the plate and taken over the showing of Everton games this season.

The Horseshoe is struggling along with many other businesses during the pandemic, and Rob Fisher has kindly offered to house our fans whilst he can in a safe yet fun way. Although closed due to Tier 4 restrictions, The Fitzrovia Belle is still doing takeaway food and drinks whilst legally allowed to.

He was walking in Scotland this time last year in freezing temperatures wearing his knickers, a hat and socks n boots!!! What a nutter? Of course this nutter managed to raise over £650k for his trouble. But what an amazing man with an amazing story Michael Cullen AKA SpeedoMick is.

I would like to congratulate Mick on the formation of the Speedomick Foundation. A registered charity that has taken a long time to set up, but if not for the sheer determination and vision of the man, this would never have happened.

Actor David Morrisey, Presenter Alex Brooker and Singer Liz McClarnon are all Ambassadors of this new charity. Please take the time to have a look at the website below and if you can help at all then please do.

Christmas and The New Year are almost upon us, although we are not allowed to mingle and be with family and friends like we are all used to I hope we can all at least use one of the video platforms available these days to still be in touch with each other to celebrate. These Zoom and Whatapp technologies really help people stay safe yet ease loneliness.

Well that’s all from me this year.

Please get in touch with any enquiries regarding ESCLA and I will pass them on to the correct department.

Best wishes to you all, and don’t forget, on your own, with your family or on Zoom, be safe, and as Prince once sung, PARTY LIKE Its 2019.

Rob  Madigan

Social Sec.