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  1. Steve Buss
    Steve Buss says:

    God bless him. Lovely man, always had time for you. Sat in front of me in main stand for many years till he took a tumble, spoke to me all the time, always cheery, which is hard to be when watching the toffee’s sometimes! God bless you Eric!

  2. Josh Moonman
    Josh Moonman says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Dad was a passionate Evertonian, season ticket holder for over thirty years and also very proud of his contribution to ESCLA.
    At at time when the ESCLA was very divided and could have gone its seperate ways, he managed to bring everyone together.

    • Jas Weir
      Jas Weir says:

      Hi Josh,
      very sad to hear of Eric’s passing. We used to chat on the train about Southport days and his time as an excellent MP.
      Once a Blue,
      Best Regards,

  3. Elizabeth & Andrew
    Elizabeth & Andrew says:

    He is indeed a very good man. Very supportive, encouraging and always ready to help. A valuable mentor. I and my family would forever cherish your memory.

  4. Oliver Kent
    Oliver Kent says:

    I remember this fine gentleman from my days travelling with ESCLA during the late 79s/golden eighties. He appeared a very easy going humble man. Never knew what a distinguished career he had had. Glad to see familiar names still here JC etc. Just found out that the Nil Satis Society at Cambridge Uni still going after 50 years. I was a member late 70s/early 80s and we organised trips to matches by minibus. Also played Oxford Uni EFC supporters club home and away. Happy days !


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