Hi, I’m an Evertonian living in London. Work commitments make it difficult to travel to most games, but I was wondering if there is a pub in London that shows the Everton games which aren’t on Sky, that you could recommend? Cheers, Neal

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  1. bluenosemike
    bluenosemike says:

    Hi Neal, I live in North London. If you’re on Facebook? Look for Porters Lodge, it’s just off Lower Thames Street, London Bridge, He’s a Blue. The Tower Tavern, Marylebone. Last time I checked the Manager in there was a Blue & used to show the matches. Hope that helps????? Mike

  2. bluenick62
    bluenick62 says:

    The Famous Three Kings shows Premier league games being screened all over the world. It’s in West Kensington. They charge you a couple of quid entry and you get a bottle of heineken or summat. Just give’em a bell to check what games they’re showing…they have about 10 different feeds/screens.

  3. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    any shouts on best place to go city-ish wise for game monday night? STH down here working for the summer, and i am in no way missing it due to lack of pubs showing sky sports in the middle of the sticks in surrey!! plus i don’t wanna look like a right divvy in the pub on me bill, considering im a girl 😛

  4. si
    si says:

    I’ve been trying to get people to designate a pub in london for ages(for those who can’t make it Monday). A lot of people have mentioned the porters lodge but like most I’ll be on my bill too!

  5. si
    si says:

    Hoping to meet a few fellow london blues today as they all seem to be red What pubs everyone going to before the game and is anyone else having to go on they’re own? Sympathy please 🙂 Simon

  6. si
    si says:

    My point is there is a chance if you get a gathering and they have the foreign channels im sure they’d be happy for our custom. Also I don’t know how you know for definite there are no blue owned bars in london as I have seen previous posts on sites mentioning places like porters lodge but am yet to try.

    • paul
      paul says:

      16 years of knocking about with exiled blues. The old bell in kilburn was a blue run pu b but didnt have the forgein. Im sure if thirty blues turned up weekly a pub would do it. but is london so pubs cater for supporters of london clubs like man utd and the other showet

      • Kendra Mendes
        Kendra Mendes says:

        I think the blue has gone back to Merseyside. I went to the Old Bell for the 2009 FA cup final because I didn’t have a ticket. I stayed in touch and he lives on Merseyside and goes to Otterpool with his family 🙂

  7. Kendra Mendes
    Kendra Mendes says:

    Has anybody actually been to this Porters Lodge place? I am living in North West London and think it will be hard to find ESPN Everton v Stoke in the pubs where I live because they will broadcast games that are more popular in the London area. If anybody can recommend and has been let me know as I think the Blue in there isn’t the owner and they have a more darts orientated agenda. If anybody can help me out I would be grateful. The Live Sports bar in my town has shut down, which is a shame.

  8. Rob Madigan
    Rob Madigan says:

    Hi, I used to run the Porters Lodge but now run the Queens Head near Limehouse Station,. I will be showing all Everton games here starting with the small matter of turning Utd over yet again this Sunday.I expect to be busy so get i early and grab your spot.

  9. Si
    Si says:

    At last some replies! I am based near north london and have been trying to set something like this up for years! Im up for this guys!


  10. si
    si says:

    Looks like this limehouse pub is a possibility although a bit of a trek. Could I suggest a posting before the game perhaps if you know if you have the Everton game on that weekend?

  11. rob
    rob says:

    Everton against Stoke this weekend, I expect a few blues will be about watching the game here. Would be good to have a blue day here at the Queens Head, maybe bring a Legend down for the day?

  12. jen_efc
    jen_efc says:

    Where’s best to go in central London to watch the arsenal match on Tuesday? I’m coming down from Liverpool but without a ticket. I’ll be on me tod too so wouldn’t mind finding a decent pub with some blues in to watch the match with n have a few bevvies.

    Nice one

    P.s jen_ efc is my Twitter name if it’s easier to follow me on that n let me know 🙂

  13. EvertonW
    EvertonW says:

    Queens Head next to Limehouse DLR station. Will be showing all Everton games for those who cant get to the games. 020 7423 9132 give them a bell to double check. Also do darts 😀

  14. Rob
    Rob says:

    Queens Head is opposite Limehouse DLR and Mainlines station. Post code is E14 7LS.
    No buffet … strange question really, thought the first question would be any fit barmaids, or barmen depending on gender. But as for a buffet, never really going to be ready for a question like that.

      • Rob
        Rob says:

        Yes, it works.
        West Brom was on but only 9 Everton fans turned up.
        We have Everton V Stevenage on Wednesday night on the big screen here at the Queens Head before moving the whole system to the One Bar pub on Lee high road near Lewisham DLR station from this Saturday. So Everton V Cardiff will also be the main game at the One Bar in Lewisham. post code SE13 5LD.

        • Paul
          Paul says:

          Why the change of venue? That’s a bit far south that for me

          Have you had more south London based blues show an interest? Or are you just shipping out of the lime house gaff?

  15. Rob
    Rob says:

    The QH has been sold to new owners so its a change to Lewisham for me.
    Being a scouse blue I would rather watch Everton games at 3pm than any other team so it makes sense really to use whatever pub I’m in as a London Blue pub.
    It wasn’t my 1st choice of venue but thats life huh?
    The pub is very close to DLR, Bus Station and Mainline station.
    Rule of thumb, the pub is 25 mins from Cannon Street in the City.
    45 mins from Euston,Farringdon and Kings Cross.

    I know its not everyones cup of tea but its a pub where we can all watch every match together when we cant get to the games.

  16. Paul
    Paul says:

    Fair play lad. I’d have it where I was as well.

    Takes me an hour to get to Euston so will stick with the snide links on the net

    Best of luck like

  17. Rob
    Rob says:

    Well folks, it looks like its all over. Got the sack on Wednesday cause I was complaining to the owners about fleas, mice and dog p@$$ smelling managers flat.
    So not too sure when I will have another pub so looks like we will all have to watch the snide links on the net.

  18. Rob
    Rob says:

    I could yet be back, looking likely that I will be in Chiswick in the next few days, on the District line about 45 mins from Central London.
    If this comes off then I will make sure every Everton 3pm game is on the big screen. I can’t tell you the name of the pub yet out of respect to the current managers who don’t know they could be getting moved on. Watch this space.

  19. Rob
    Rob says:

    Chiswick it is.
    Should have Everton v Fulham on this Tuesday.
    I dont take over until Monday so I will be looking for Everton West Ham on the telly myself somewhere.

  20. Richard
    Richard says:

    Fulham V Everton tickets have gone on general sale, only a score? I’ll be in the Star & Garter on the river unless anyone can suggest a designated away pub?

    Opportunity Knocks, don’t miss out COYB!

  21. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    Any suggestion for a London pub with a large group of Everton supporters?

    My husband and I are traveling from Texas and will be through London this weekend. He is absolutely obsessed with Everton. We can’t make it to Liverpool, but are looking for a pub in London where he can cheer on Everton. The more blue, the better. Would anyone be so kind as to help us out with a recommendation?

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Alas I am agraid there are no specific Everton pubs. All II can guarantee is most pubs will have their EU quota of blerts, resplendent in so much lfc gear, you’d think the souvenir shop had puked up on them.

      There is no designated Everton pub in London, so I would watch in your hotel to avoid the other shower, and if we win leg it down the nearest pub to give them dogs abuse.

      Hope this helps.

  22. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    19-25 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6DQ
    Its the Sports grill and will be full of all kinds of fans for the day.
    Most neutrals in London will be Blueboys for the day

  23. Paul
    Paul says:

    For the love f God. The famous three kings shows loads of games. But you live in London so you need to get a grip of the fact they will prioritise London clubs and the other shower and the manc clubs.

    If we are playing them. There’s a good chance it will be in there


  24. ruby.may
    ruby.may says:

    hi fellas. my name is ruby may and I’m the landlady at the flying Scotsman on Caledonia Road in kings cross. I’ll be showing all Everton games from now on. even if the satellite doesn’t work can hook up a lappie to the display area on the stage. hdmi entertainment guaranteed. lots of draught lagers and half time entertainment. hopefully see you all there soon.x

  25. Lauri
    Lauri says:


    I’m a Finnish Evertonian visiting London October 1st—3rd and I’d like to watch the Europa League clash against Krasnodar somewhere possibly with some fellow Evertonians. Any good recommendations?

  26. Nikki_b
    Nikki_b says:

    I manage a bar in a social club in Pimlico SW1 and we will be showing the derby this coming Saturday.
    The beer is very reasonable (£3 pint Carlsberg ) and we have a huge drop down screen we use in the hall to show the games on.
    I am a blue and it would be great to have some company to what the match with.
    We are in a Chelsea stronghold area but I’m doing my bit to make it Everton friendly.
    We will also be showing the Everton v Man Utd game the following weekend.
    Once we get sky sports sorted out we will be showing all the Everton Games.
    I’ve added the FB link which has directions but we are just off Vauxhall Bridge Road in Pimlico so very central.

    Please email me with any questions.



    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Nikija first thing first. Let’s address the elephant in the room. You’ve come here saying you’re a massive blue. Yet opened this with;

      The beer is very reasonable (£3 pint Carlsberg )

      What’s going on here lad? Is this some sort of trap you’re setting and you’ve been sussed?

      Get the Al Jazeera sorted for the 3pm games and get that muck swapped for fosters and you could be into a winner in that location.

      Keep em peeled


  27. Paul K
    Paul K says:

    Any pubs in the SE area where blues will be en mass on saturday against that shower? One bar Lewisham been mentioned a couple of times, any one know anything about it bring fill of blues for the match?

    KLAUS RAUS says:



  29. Rob
    Rob says:

    he Horseshoe Pub Saturday. Everton v Chelsea not far from Farringdon, Barbican, Angel, Old Street and Chancery Lane undergrounds or a 20 min walk from Kings Cross.
    rRn by ESCLA’s Social Sec
    It is at 24 Clerkenwell Close EC1R 0AG

  30. Rob
    Rob says:

    FA Cup semi final in London.

    The Horseshoe Pub Clerkenwell EC1R 0AG
    One stop from Kings Cross/ Euston, Near Farringdon Station .
    25 Mins from Wembley.

    Open from 11am..Live music from Everton Tunes, Hot food and ofcourse big screens for the match.
    Reasonable prices for beer, not over inflated like Wembley pubs.

    Looking forward to the charity shield against Leicester.

    • p.leach
      p.leach says:

      Hello David – hope you’ve been keeping well – I’m sure our Social Sec Rob, who has a pub, won’t mind if I paste from a reply he sent someone else asking the same thing –
      “If the match is not on TV then there wont be anywhere to watch the game in London.
      The Premier League has really tightened up its grip on unauthorised screening of PL games and its not worth the risk anymore.
      I open the Horseshoe some Saturdays if Everton are on the box, and very occasionally a Sunday for the same reason. “

  31. Pedro
    Pedro says:

    There are loads of pubs that show footy all over London on a Saturday

    Not many central London though

    As its London though the priority is;
    London teams
    Manc teams
    The shite
    Followed by whoever behind the bar supports

    So even if you find a pub it needs more than one box

    Best bet is get your iPad get in the pub, use thier wifi and watch it on your Todd

    Social clubs, where membership limits who can just wander in are usually a good shout

  32. Rob
    Rob says:

    Sunderland V Everton . The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell will be a meetup for blues in London.
    Expect Jenny from the USA to make you all feel welcome as we watch the fall of Moyes once again.

  33. Dave
    Dave says:

    Can anyone advise a pub showing the Toffee’s v City on Sat? I’ll be with a City supporting friend so friendly banter would be appreciated.


  34. Rob
    Rob says:

    Yea, its just 3pm games are now more scarce since SKY managed to get the law changed. And now Brexit has come, well European boxes will be a big no no soon…so best way to watch is on your own device using pubs WI-FI.

  35. Rob
    Rob says:

    Anyone not going the match and in London this is for you.
    The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell will be the place to watch the match with fellow blues if you are in London.
    The room upstairs is reserved exclusively just for Everton Fans…If any Lars, Magnus or Anders do turn up they can watch the match downstairs.

    Alex Young on Dixie Dean:

    Dixie was unique. A legend. An icon. The superlatives rain upon him and rightly so because his feats still seem unbelievable. I feel privileged and honoured to be one of the players to have pulled on that Everton No.9 jersey and followed in the footsteps of a football giant.

  36. Rob
    Rob says:

    Anyone not going the match and in London this weekend for the Spurs Match,this is for you.
    The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell will be the place to watch the match with fellow blues.

  37. Rob
    Rob says:

    3PM games are quite a rarity in London these days,.If a pub has both SKY and BT Sports, chances are the Premier League will not be to bothered in prosecuting them if they show 3pm games as they already do what they want which is buy subscriptions to the big two companies screening games…

    I dont know of any pubs that do it myself, but im sure some do.

  38. Rob
    Rob says:

    Everton meet up from 11am this Sunday (May 21st) for the Arsenal game.
    The Horseshoe is 2.5 miles from the ground.

    The Horseshoe is open from 11am until 6pm
    EC1R 0AG is the postcode.

  39. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Yes you are correct.

    The pub only opens at weekends for private hire or if Everton are on the box.
    Good to meet you yesterday
    , look forward to seeing you both at the AGM (details here on the site) in July.

  40. Steph
    Steph says:

    Hello! I’m visiting from the states this coming weekend and would love to find a pub to watch the match with fans rather than just in my hotel room. Will the Horseshoe Pub be showing the match on Sunday?

    • Pete
      Pete says:

      Hi – the match is not being televised in the UK and I’m not sure if the Horseshoe will be open on Sunday – I will get Rob, ESCLA social sec and pub owner to comfirm.

  41. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi .As the game wont be shown on TV in the Uk, the Horseshoe wont be open..I would expect the match to be on in some pubs near the Chelsea ground but I cannot confirm this. Mobdro may show it if you have an Android device. Subscribe to Toffee TV as they may be online during the match to discuss it.
    Best of luck Rob.

  42. Peter
    Peter says:

    At least three American Evertonians are going to be in London on the Sunday of the Man U match. Any recommendations for a place for us to watch the match? The Horseshoe? There appear to a be a few places called the Horseshoe in the London area.

  43. Rob
    Rob says:

    The Horseshoe in question is at Clerkenwell Close EC1R 0AG

    If for some reason we are not open for a televised match, then we would recommend another pub that is Everton friendly, after all we all want to watch the match together.

    • Pete
      Pete says:

      Yes it will – Rob told me – The Derby will be a BLUE day only.
      We do not have any REDS allowed in the football zone upstairs{two big screens) whilst the DERBY is on.

      Man City fans will be turning up to watch their match against Man Utd after our DERBY, and they also understand that it is a BLUE DAY and no Man Utd fans will be allowed on site.

  44. Eoin Behan
    Eoin Behan says:

    Hello fellow blue , myself and my son are going to the Everton v Chelski match on Sunday And I’m just trying to find a pub that the Everton supporters might be going to before/after match

    • Pete
      Pete says:

      White Horse on Parsons Green was always the place back in the day but I’ve not gone to Chelsea for a few years – it is only a few minutes walk from The Bridge.

  45. Rob
    Rob says:

    The Slug Fulham
    490 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5NH
    020 7381 5005

    That is where quite a few toffees will be meeting up this Sunday


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