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The committee ask every member hoping to buy match tickets for games in London this season to read this article thoroughly – it is a bit lengthy but it is important.
Just two or three seasons ago ESCLA were fortunate to be be allocated match tickets for every member wishing to attend matches in London and the South. Over the last two seasons members will have noticed that ESCLA have had problems supplying tickets for these games and many members were unable to have a ticket.
Unhappily we don’t expect the situation to be any better this coming season.

The current policy operated by the Everton Box Office is to give Supporters’ Clubs an allocation based on their average away game ticket uptake, outside of the London games and the South, it is only a hard core of our members who go to the match and our average uptake is low as a consequence. That being so our allocation for London games has become both a big problem and a big issue with ESCLA members. ESCLA’s allocation is made prior to tickets going on General Sale at Everton – if tickets become available for General Sale, then sometimes we are lucky to get a further allacation. Priority in distribution is given to members who travel with ESCLA to most away games over 12 months or so, not on length of membership, thus members of many years standing did not get tickets for some London games last season because we allocated them to the members who had gone to the likes of Wigan, Swansea, Sunderland, Newcastle etc. If we can cater for all the regular travellers then length of membership becomes the next criteria.

The procedure for requesting tickets from ESCLA this season for games in London and the South will be as last season and is as follows. When we open matches for bookings contact Pete Leach (e-mail is preferred but the phone is still an option)and register your interest. You have not got a ticket at this stage. If we are successful in sourcing a ticket for you, Pete will contact you and confirm the fact, then send cheque and s.a.e to John Collings in the usual manner. Since we introduced this system some members “register” with ESCLA for a match ticket, then get one elsewhere – we do understand people like to cover all the angles, but if you register with ESCLA for a ticket then John Collings works tirelessly at trying to source one for you. PLEASE DO NOT apply to ESCLA unless you are going to take and pay for any ticket we may be able to get you.

Finally,for the less popular games we would ask members to try and always use ESCLA for ordering match tickets. This will help us raise our average and obtain tickets in greater numbers.


  1. Jim gore /

    I have a couple of friends coming over from South Africa ,both everton fans .they would like a lift from London to the Southampton game at goodison on the 29th dec .obviosly they will pay towards petrol costs .any help would be appreciated .thanks guys

    • I will be driving up to Liverpool on the SATURDAY and back to London after the game on the Sunday. If any or both of those journeys is attractive give me a shout via Pete.

  2. Tell them to get the train. They’re on holiday, and as they’re South African I bet they’re minted.

    Branson probably takes krugerrand

    • Jim gore /

      They looked at the train but the first one doesn’t get in till 1-15 and takes nearly 4hours with 2 changes!,

  3. Euston to Liverpool on dec 29th is

    8:15 arrive 1109
    9:15 arrive 1210

    No changes, but 70 quid

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