The policy Everton introduced for allocating match tickets last season continues for season 2015/16. Everton no longer keep back an allocation for Supporters Clubs. Match tickets will only be provided to Supporters Clubs for those of their members who hold a Season Ticket. Tickets may go on General Sale if Season Ticket Holders do not take up all of Everton’s allocation for any particular match. Therefore ESCLA no longer have a “ticket policy” but take each game as it comes.
The reason Everton have done this is because season ticket holders are now some 30,000 in number, previous to last season, season season ticket holders could not get tickets for some away matches whilst Supporters Club’s received an allocation, that caused complaints from season ticket holders which Everton believe they have now addressed.

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  1. mark adams
    mark adams says:

    thanks pete for putting this up alot of us disappointed. one question will this include europe aways if escla do trips? one match i think mite not sell out is wendesday nite chelsea away prob TV also and 57 pound a ticket ouch? regards mark

  2. David Foster
    David Foster says:

    I don’t understand why the club are suddenly playing hardball over this just cause a few glory hunters crawl out the woodwork and start buying season tickets??

    • mark adams
      mark adams says:

      yes spot on dave as escla have had tickets for years surely they must show some loyalty to the long standing supporter clubs. who like escla followed them in the very dark days examples of wimbledon and coventry last day escapes

      • Paul
        Paul says:

        So they should give away tickets to supporters clubs to give to people who go to six games a season. Over people who go to every game?


        There are too many supporters groups. Not too many season ticket holders

        The nethy blues are a supporters club. How do you differentiate? Draw a line from Goodson to the supporters club pub like its a school catchment area?

        It’s a shit situation but all I hear is moaning. No solutions

        Email Robert elstone if there is one

  3. Henry M
    Henry M says:

    A few seasons ago, I recall, Everton were unable/unwilling to take the full allocation of away tickets due to their financial situation. Is this still the case or is there room for manoeuvre here?


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