Contacting Pete re: Match Tickets 2021/22

99.9% of match ticket applications now come in by e-mail – – which actually makes applications easier to keep track of and is my preferred method.
The ESCLA phone line has been discontinued but members may call me on  my regular phone – members will find the number on their membership cards – given there are now so few phone calls, calls are no longer restricted to set times  – members wishing to phone may do so at ANY time ( the first comedian who tries me at 3 in the morning will be liquidated).

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I CANNOT guarantee I won’t do a drunk post derby win late night call sing song

    This was agreed in my T&Cs when I first joined

    It’s just how I roll

    Ask me auntie in Mauritius

  2. Jamie Armstrong
    Jamie Armstrong says:

    I know extremely unlikely but will the club have any access to tickets for the Semi Final on 23rd April?

    I’m after 2 tickets, if any become available please let me know.

    Twitter @jamiearmstrong1


  3. Doug Wood
    Doug Wood says:

    Within Everton’s announcement today on handling the sales of FA Cup S-F tickets, they say they will welcome applications from Supporters’ Clubs, on a group application basis, to be received by the club by Friday 1st April latest.


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