Casting Call for Everton Fans – Get Paid !

Hi all, Carling are wanting to shoot an advert in London either Aug31st or Sept 1st…They need Toffees wearing the new shirt NOT CHANG old ones…Can you help??
You will be paid well for you time…the last time we had a biggie like this, we all got to meet David Beckham, who knows who we will meet this time? please send a pic of yourself wearing the new shirt to . please make it a head and shoulders pick please
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Best of luck

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  1. Doug Wood
    Doug Wood says:

    Thanks Pete, brilliant to get these details sorted and published so soon. Presumably getting match tickets is up to the individual, but do you envisage ESCLA being able to secure any?

    • p.leach
      p.leach says:

      Thanks Doug – match tickets are not included in the cost, members who can get one from EFC should do so but ESCLA will source match tickets for everyone that travels with us and is in need of one.


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