Chris Klopper

We are sad to hear of the loss of another Blue. Chris Klopper  will be remembered  by older ESCLA members. The sad news was reported to us by his friend Tim Boden who was also a member of ESCLA.
Tim wrote  “I was a member of ESCLA in the early 1980s as was my friend Chris Klopper who joined in the late 1970s I believe. Chris recently passed away from a brain tumour on Father’s Day 17th June. I’m sure there’s many older members who’d remember Chris who was known then as ‘Chris K’ aka Kent’s top DJ”.
Myself and John Collings remember Chris well, he was a regular traveller on the train to Lime Street during the time Tim recalls, and John remembers he was going to stand for a committee post at one time. The present ESCLA committee, on behalf of those members who remember Chris, extend our sympathy to Chris’s family and friends.

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