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Message From our Social Sec, Rob (Posted 18th June)

Hello all,  I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

It’s been a while since we have spoken, what’s changed? everything really.

All our friends and family have been at arms length, we have found different ways to communicate and hopefully as things slowly fall back into place, we are all more aware of the things in life that we cherish.

The pub that I run, The Horseshoe in Clerkenwell won’t be open till August at a minimum because of the area the pub is situated in. Most of my customers are from businesses that they won’t re-open till September.

Lots of time on my hands to do all the odd jobs I have been putting off over the years, I expect most of us are in the same boat.

We have all missed birthdays, weddings, and sports amongst other things close to us.

I’m a bit gutted about the Cricket season, I had tickets to Edgebaston , Old Trafford Nott’s and The Oval for internationals this year, I don’t expect they will be going ahead with fans, but I’m more interested to watch cricket on TV if they do go ahead rather than watching an empty stadium on Sky of the football. Just my view of course.

The Great British Beer Festival is another loss for me and my annual meet up with some of my friends in the trade.

Im sure you all have social gatherings that you are missing, but hopefully not long now.

A decision has not yet been made on the AGM 2020, but it is being discussed next week by the committee.

I hope things will rapidly resume some kind of order for us all soon, and really hope we can have an ESCLA social together that we can all enjoy.

Our supporter’s football team is hoping to start training this weekend, the season is a way off, but the lads are really keen to push on.

Brighton was top whilst we were 2nd with games in hand. The season won’t be resumed which is a major shame for the lads as we all felt we could win our 1st title.

As for the darts, we were running away with the 2nd division and looking at promotion to the top tier, if I’m honest, I think when we restart, we will run away with it again and join the elite teams of Rotherham and Nottingham Forest in the 1st Division sometime time soon.

The Everton London Networking Group has been put on hold for a while.

Again, I’m not sure when we will resume but my guess is just before Christmas, we can hopefully have a social drink and talk business as we all try and help each other along. If you are in business, or just want to come along and network with fellow Toffees, please join us on our LinkedIn group

Well that’s it from me this time.

I won’t be watching this week’s Derby match, I should, but I just have no interest in the rule changes and the falseness of the current season.

I will of course resume my passion next season, but the lay-off and subsequent rule changes have left the whole of football a little sterile for me.

One more thing, Michael Cullen, aka SpeedoMick is up for the Fan of the Year contest in the Association of Provincial Football Supporters Clubs In London annual competition.

Hopefully we can all still remember the walk which he started in Scotland in December.

One Thousand miles, of hard walking in terrible conditions.

He rose over half a million pounds for good causes. Hopefully he will win the award again as he did 3 yrs ago.

I remember when he was halfway there; he had already walked 500 miles and ….no, Im not going to do that gag.

Good luck to Michael, a true blue with a wonderful human spirit.

Well that’s all from me for now.

Best wishes to you all, and hope to see a few of you in and around Goodison in the near future.